Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

April 27th, 2016Posted by Randy

When you finally get down to writing your book you may have a hard time getting started. Many people do. What I suggest is just do a brain dump and start writing anything that comes to mind. Of course it would be best if it had something to do with the subject you’re intending to […]

Awakening in the ALL

October 26th, 2015Posted by Randy

Here’s the Introduction to my latest book “Awakening in the ALL” Introduction Where you are and what you believe is something each of us needs to have as our starting point. From there you will grow and learn of the next step in what you need to do. The direction you take and the path […]

Simply Clarifying Punctuation

October 2nd, 2015Posted by Randy

As an author your main concern should be writing a story that people want to read. This means you’re concerned with character development, the story line, the dialogue and continuity. Those pesky technical details are for the most part forgotten during the time when the creation is being made. After all you’re an artist and […]

Formatting While You Write

September 9th, 2015Posted by Randy

As an author I have to admit that I, like most, just want to write, but when you self-publish there are many different things you also have to do. One of them is formatting the inside content and I’ve found a way to do both formatting and writing at the same time. Using Word I […]

Designing Your Book Cover

July 29th, 2015Posted by Randy

When it comes time to design your book cover you should begin by looking at other covers of books that have sold well in your genre. The Internet and your local library are excellent places to begin your research. Find out first if they were a best seller and if the cover was a factor […]

Selling Is Mandatory

July 20th, 2015Posted by Randy

In marketing your book the first thing to know is that you need to start NOW! The sooner the better or at least 3 months before it is going to hit the shelves, be they virtual or in a book store. Start by just announcing your book on your blog, on FaceBook, on Twitter, on […]

Marketing The Indie Way

July 10th, 2015Posted by Randy

Whether you go the traditional route or the indie self publishing way you are going to be responsible for marketing your book. Unless you are a celebrity or a best selling author the publishing houses are not going to market your book to the public in any way, shape or form. It will be up […]

You Need An Editor

June 29th, 2015Posted by Randy

Editing your book should never be done by the author. Sure you should pore over it numerous times before submitting it to an editor. Once you’re sure it is relatively free of typos and confusing parts give it over to a professional to make it better. They just know what parts need work, what needs […]

Prepublishing To Dos

June 25th, 2015Posted by Randy

As you work on your book you also need to do some things to help you sell it. One of the first things you should do is get a cover design. This is something you are going to need to help you promote the book. The reason being is that you’ll need an image for […]

Finding Your Voice

June 24th, 2015Posted by Randy

Finding your voice is sometimes a difficult challenge. This voice is the essence of your marketing and makes you appeal to the reader. It is part of your branding and needs to be quick hitting and powerful. The voice is what the reader wants to hear and it will take you from being unknown to […]