Prepublishing To Dos


Prepublishing To Dos

As you work on your book you also need to do some things to help you sell it. One of the first things you should do is get a cover design. This is something you are going to need to help you promote the book. The reason being is that you’ll need an image for business cards.

Professionally printed business cards with the book cover on one side and you contact information on the other are necessary when you’re out and about meeting people. They may not remember you or your book, but if they are truly interested they will keep the card and look for the book when it comes out.

Your business card is only one of the items you’ll need for your media kit. The second is a head shot taken by a professional or at the very least a talented amateur. Take a picture with you holding your book. Since the book isn’t published you’ll need to paste the cover design to another book.

You’ll need a biography of 100 – 150 words telling the reader why you are qualified to write the nonfiction book or your background if you’re a fictional author. While you are writing come up with at least three sales pitches for you book ( a short, medium and long). These are for when you’re in a setting where someone asks you about your book. Respond to such inquiries with the short pitch of about 10 seconds. If they seem genuinely interested you’ll have a longer pitch ready.

You’re also going to need a website for your book. When your publication date draws near build a full website, which should include a home page (sales letter with link to order page), an about page (your author bio), a sample chapters page, a schedule of events page (for book signings, lectures, special appearances and speaking engagements, and a blog where you can write updates, answer questions and add book reviews and blurbs.

Have you picture with the book in hand, a picture of the book with a link to an order page and your contact information on every page of your website.

Get book reviews from friends and family before the book is due to be stocked in book stores. You can also try to get newspapers and magazines to review your book by sending them advanced copies.

Write articles and press releases especially for local publications and online article sites such as eZines, websites and magazines that relate to the subject or genre. Also get at least 20 reviews from Amazon.

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