Formatting While You Write


As an author I have to admit that I, like most, just want to write, but when you self-publish there are many different things you also have to do. One of them is formatting the inside content and I’ve found a way to do both formatting and writing at the same time.

Using Word I first choose a size that I want my book to be. To do this I simply go to the page layout tab at the top and select the size icon. This brings up the menu you see below.

Formatting in Word

This is where you simply type in the width and height of the book size you desire. For this article I’ve chosen to have the book size of 5.25″x 8″. From there you click on the tab for layout and the menu changes to this:

Formating in Word

Here all you have to worry about is the header and footer size. I chose .3″ because I want the type to end up close to the number at the bottom, but you figure out where you want the numbers on your book to be if you want your pages numbered.

After that I click on the tab for margins and get the menu below:

Formatting in Word

This is where the majority of the formatting is done. First you want to have the top, bottom and inside margins set to .76″, then the outside margin set to .6″ and the gutter set to .14″ with the position on the left. Select portrait and mirror margins for the whole document.

Once this is done hit OK and your done except for the page numbers if you want them on each page. This is done by going to the insert tab at the top and selecting page number an shown below.

Formatting in Word

From here you select either top or bottom and your choices come up on the screen like so:

Formatting in Word

That’s all there is to it. Now save it as a blank document so you can pull it up for future books and then save it as the book you are wanting to write and write your book.

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