Lake Painted Love


Mists shadow the lake front shore,

Hiding the waters that lies before

In the mind one may picture the scene,

Surrealist painting of waters dark green.

White swans gracing the reflecting pool

Leisurely floating on waters so cool.

While my love and I are there hand in hand,

Gazing over the lake together we stand.

Softly she speaks to me with a voice so sweet,

And in my breast I can feel my heart beat.

Of her love she whispers to me in my ear,

Telling me all the things I long to hear.

I hold her and gently caress her cheek,

And within our hearts love begins to peak.

Then just before I reach the brink,

I get a feeling as I begin to sink.

Then returned to reality I’m in the mist,

No love by my side, I’m alone and unkissed.

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