Leave Me Here to Cry


You say you want to be free.

I elieve that’s the way it ought to be.

I’ll never stand in the way,

If you really don’t want to stay.

Take my heart with you and go

There’s no need to put on a show.

It’s no secret any fool can see,

You’ll be better off without me.

I was a fool to keep you down.

I should have know I couldn’t keep you around.

Don’t laugh at me, please just leave,

You have gotten all my love you’ll receive.

Stop telling me all your lies,

Leave now before my love wanes and dies.

We had a good thing once, but now it’s ending.

It’s time I crawl of to start my heart mending.

All the words have all been spoken,

The door to your freedom has always been open.

Like a bird, take wing and fly,

And leave me here to cry.

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