Please Wake Up Love


Please wake up love, everything is fine,

You’re sleeping there next to me,

And I don’t have the heart you see,

To wake you from your sleepy time.

I want to kiss you make the day start,

And shower you with all my love.

Let me fly you to the stars above

Stay with me and share my heart.

Share my morning and all your charms,

You’re a love I cannot replace.

By my side I want you to grace.

And hold you real tight in my arms.

You make me love, became my reason why,

You made my heart open wide my wife.

As I start each day you light up my life.

For you are the sun in my morning sky.

Oh! Lovely lady I’m so glad you’re mine,

Please come to me and hold me close.

Addict me to your love with one dose

And let me taste your sweet, sweet wine.

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