The Joy of Peace


Pretty words which interpret the many feelings felt

Flowing from thoughts as they begin to melt.

Separate thoughts mingling together off the page,

Trapped by lines like the bars about the cage.

Though the speak to us and say what we want them to,

Are we seeing them from the author’s point of view.

Given the wisdom and philosophy of the past,

We could come to understand and appreciate the words at last.

These words and their meaning might have been discerned all along.

So that we would know the joy of peace to follow right from wrong.

Guilty are we all of not making our thoughts clear

Just as we have remained ignorant out of our fear.

What must we do to stop the killing plight,

Is to always do only what is right.

Each must rid their selves of hatred on their own,

For nowhere is so dark as a heart where hatred is grown.

Only with the truth can we ever hope to attain,

Freedom from the strife wrought be hatred’s pain.

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