Winter Lea


Glistening alabaster snow covered lea,

Fluffy white powder of gathered crystals to see.

Set against a sky of a blue sunlit day,

Shimmering with an elusive sparkle display.

Meadow of pure unblemished virgin snow,

Whisper lace veil covering grasses to grow.

Smooth white silky dome in a wonderland,

Shaped a molded by God’s caressing hand.

Majestic scene blinking under the sun,

Creamy white winter sight of fairyland fun.

Frosted cake of pearled ivory delight,

Iced treat nestled under soft glowing sunlight,

Or in the moonlight the blue aura gleams,

As gazing glances entrance one into dreams.

And the wonderland is fulfilled in the mind,

For it is truly beautiful and a jewel to find.

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