A Day in the Life of Montrose


As the morning breaks over Montrose town.

The sun sits on the mountain like a crown.

The town sheds its slumber as it begins to wake,

Silently preparing for the first steps it must take.

All about the valley, the world is peaceful and gay.

As within the sleepy hollow starts another day.

The lights flicker off as the sun begins its ascent,

While the people plan how their day will be spent.

The shops begin to open as the sidewalks roll down,

And the breeze from the mountains breathes life into the town.

The day is and even mixture of fellowship and good cheer

For nowhere else will you find friendlier people than right here.

A bustling metropolis Montrose may never be.

Just a quaint Colorado town for all who wish to see.

Inhabitants file in and out of the downtown square,

As happiness abounds in a town that does so care.

Each day runs its course, much like the day before,

And much like the next it goes on forevermore.

As twilight approaches and the sunshine is nearly spent,

The glowing orb sets behind the horizon in graceful descent.

The shops close and the town people go their way,

For evening has set in, marking the end of another day.

So life in Montrose is once again put to bed,

Until the dawn’s rays of the town once more spread.

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