Love That Will Never Disperse


Summer breezes sweep by us on a moon filled night,

And take our souls on a sweet enamored flight.

Lifting us higher on its soft feathered wings,

Cradling us within the love that it brings.

Carrying us off to summer skies it will grace,

Onward and upward to the moons yellow face.

Floating on whispers of love’s magic spell,

Under a summer’s day, with wishing stars that about us fell.

Together we will share our love as the years pass by

And the moon will shine bright over you and I.

Within a moonbeam we are caressed by love’s peace,

Blessed by the treasures of moonlight’s golden fleece.

Taking us over fields, onward we go to the glistening stars

as we look backwards on Mercury and Mars.

And continue on ito the infinite universe,

Wrapped in a love that will never disperse.

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