Whither Thou Goest


Into the light the poor man looked and wished that it could always be bright and sunny, without coldness. Because he was poor he was more often than not cold, it seemed. And when it was cold he was cold because his winter coat was ragged and thin. Even when he was inside his hovel of a home he was cold because he could not afford to heat it, nor could he afford to wrap himself in furs or even blankets. Winters were long and torturess and seemed to last forever. He found it hard to sleep because the shivering and chattering of his teeth kept him awake.

Night after night he tried to get the rest he needed so he could go to work the next day, but each night was the same and each morning he would leave his home tired. He was afraid he was going to lose his job because of it. As tired as he was he knew he couldn’t perform well and after all they weren’t paying him for his good looks. There was however an upside to this that he hadn’t thought about. Because he was so tired he began to think of ways to do his tasks more efficiently and thereby use less energy. In fact he thought up so many time and energy saving ways to do his job it was noticed by his boss.

Day after day he watch the poor man work out ways to make his job easier and better. This got him to thinking that there were probably ways to make some of the other tasks easier and better for the other employees. Then one day he had the bright idea to give the poor man a new position of devising ways to improve the ways others were doing. After a short time his business had become more profitable and he gave the once poor man a raise. Now the once poor man lives in a much nicer home, has much nicer clothes and no longer dreads winter.

To find a better and easier way for authors to publish and sell their books was the idea I had when I started Randilea Publishing. By no means is it to this, but it is one way. So whither thou goes to obtain the aid needed is what I urge you, the author to do. If it is Randilea Publishing then I would be honored to do whatever is needed to help you accomplish that which you wish to be done.

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