About Randilea Publishing

I started Randilea Publishing just to have a company to publish my books, but as I went through the process several times I began to realize that I might just have something to offer my fellow self publishing author friends and acquaintances. It became apparent that many of them could use my help with some of the things that I’d been studying and some of the talents I’ve been focusing on since 1990 when I started working for a newspaper in the advertising department.

Now that you are closer to realizing your dream of becoming a published author, we at Randilea Publishing would like to help you attain your goal with a wide variety of marketing and editorial services to help you on your way. We believe that we need to help anyone with that dream by offering services that will get you further on the road to success. That’s why Randilea Publishing offers editing services, book marketing strategies, sales copy writing, and graphic art services. To take advantage of our services just give us a call.

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Every week working for the newspaper I had to proof my ads. This gave me a keen eye for finding mistakes, but it wasn’t until it came time to publish my first book that I discovered I was a very competent editor.


Learning HTML was something I just picked up as I began to create my own websites, such as this one. I, have always been an independent man, wanting to stand on my own, so creating my own websites was a natural. Now with the ease and convenience of WordPress I use that exclusively.


Writing sales copy is just a natural ability I discovered I had while working for the newspaper. My clients often marveled at the things I would come up with. Many of them even stated that I should be working for some big time ad agency in New York.


Art has always fascinated me and I knew I had some talent all along. When I decided that I wanted to illustrate my book “The Sword of Ghespi” I decided to take my art more seriously. Though I am not the greatest artist in the world I can help authors by designing excellent book covers.

Art Examples

The fantasy adventure novel Randy S. Hall is currently working on is Book 1 of The Night Call series The Talisman of Fendor.