Sales Letters

Sales Letters have been around for a long time for the simple reason, THEY WORK! Now with today’s technology and the internet, we now have “Sales Letters on Steroids”. Whether you are looking for a long sales letter that you mail to prospective customers or its one for a website that will take them through the buying process. For more on sales letters . . . visit page



Book Cover Art

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but we do it just the same. Your book’s cover is something that must be thought out and carefully planned to give your book, bookshelf appeal. It needs to attract attention and entice the reader to purchase the book. I will sit down with you to discuss your book and any visions you may have in mind. To view more of my book covers . . . visit page




Banner Ads

Display advertising is my specialty after creating literally thousands of newspaper ads. It takes a special knack to balance the ad’s copy, graphics, and white space to make the preferred display.  Banner ads must attract the reader’s attention and make them want to follow the link to whatever the offer is. Let me show you ones I’ve created . . . visit page






These require research as well as the ability to arrange and display the different individual parts of the story. All the information and artwork must be woven into some sort of cohesive and structured form that lends itself to the medium. Infographics can be a great selling tool. Look over some I’ve created . .  .visit page



Web Content

To have a presence on the internet is not enough. To attract visitors through search engine optimization (SEO) you need content. However, not all content is good content. It must be written with SEO in mind to get ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other popular search engines. Pop over to see some I’ve done . . . visit page






Email Marketing

Building a list of prospective buyers is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet. With a responsive list and the right message, your potential is limitless. Your messages are really all you have in your arsenal of selling tools. This has proven to be the best way for you to be successful on the internet.  It’s effective because you have the opportunity to build a relationship where you can convince them to know, like and trust you. To see some of the emails I’ve written. . . . visit page

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