Professional Copywriter

Working for 10 years for a newspaper creating display ads and writing the sales copy as well as being AWAI trained I can write web sales copy that gets results. unlike my fellow copywriters, I’m only charging $500 for a basic sales page. Compared to copywriters regular prices this is very cheap for the quality sales copy you will receive. Book Your Project Today!


Book Cover Designer – Graphic Artist

Just tell me what you think the cover should look like and
I’ll take it from there. If you haven’t any idea we’ll brainstorm until
we get one you approve of. My price for your book’s cover is only $50
and believe me, that is cheap for the quality work you’ll get. Check out
my gallery.

Reliable Proofreading

Those glaring typos, misspelled words that pop out at you no matter how many times you’ve read it before. Get a new set of eyes on it. Prices starting at $5.



Interior Page Formatting For Kindle

I’ll format the interior pages of your book and help you submit it to Kindle. With my help, you’ll be published in no time at all. Once the interior pages are ready I’ll even help you upload the book cover even if it’s not one I created for you. The price for this service
begins at $5.

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