Marketing for Peanuts

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Marketing for peanuts is necessary when you haven’t any money, but you have a great idea. When you have a great idea is the perfect time to start marketing. Free traffic is not free because it costs you time. When you have more time than money it is how you get started. If you do it right you’ll have more money than time.
As you grow you can use some of the money you earned on advertising. For the meantime let’s concentrate on getting you noticed. A website is essential when marketing for peanuts. It is your home base. You can have a nice website even if you don’t have much money to spend. Your costs are for a domain name ($15) a web host ($70/year), and web designer (I charge $100/page).
Building Your Author PlatformWith your website in place, you can start to build your author platform. How you do that is by writing blog posts like this one. Something in your field. Hell, you’re a writer make something up to engage your target audience.


Yes, you have a target audience that you need to identify and market to. You need to find out who they are and where they hang out online.  Social media is where or in forums. These are the people you need to engage to get your following. This is how marketing for peanuts helps you grow your audience.

Forum Marketing for Peanuts

Forums are a great place to get to know your target audience and to learn how to talk to them, not at them. The first basic rule of copywriting is to talk as if you were talking over a cup of coffee. Make them feel at ease and then hit them with the benefits. Let them see themselves enjoying your novel.
Social Media Provides Backlinks

Article Marketing for Peanuts

Another way to draw attention to yourself is with articles. Post them for free on any or all the many sites that want articles. Ezine Articles is probably the biggest, but there are many others worth submitting to as well. There are over two billion people on the internet. They are looking for something to solve their problem. For many that problem is boredom. Entertain them.
What you’re after with all this is too get backlinks to your website. Google and the other search engines like backlinks. This helps you rank higher and closer to the first page. It is not easily done. It takes work and dedication to compete online. The rewards are worth the effort, though.

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