Your First Impression

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Networking is a great way to increase business and it can be fun if you make it so. Making your first impression can be rehearsed to some degree. It’s good to have something ready to say when you greet someone. Don’t let it sound rehearsed though, or you’ll come off looking like a phony.

Your First Impression – Become Memorable

Everyone loves the life of the party and we all love to hear stories. Telling stories will do that for you at your next networking event. Something to entertain and engage them is perfect. Why? Because they’ll remember you and look you up online.

Reaching Out To the World

If your story is good enough people will gather round to hear. Then more people will gather to see why the others are gathered. Now, imagine doing that with social media beginning with YouTube. Then progress through till you end up sending it all to your blog.

Reaching Out To the World

What Ya Gonna Say?

What you need is something short and sweet, a phrase that tells what you do. The twist is to make it interesting. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Harold: Hello, I’m Harold Rankin. I’m the author of “Hitching Through Florida” a true story from my younger, much wilder days.

Howard: Hi, I’m Howard Pavil. I just flew in from Mars.

Either one will work, but I’d probably go with the first one.

Selecting the network meeting is important. You want to go to those that fit these parameters:

        • Have a sufficient number of attendees
        • Includes people in your target audience
        • Close proximity to your current location

Active Authors Get Noticed









Active Authors Get Noticed

Book signings or speaking events are great for networking when you are out and about. First, there’s the event itself, and there are Meetup groups in every major city. Even most small communities, too. When you’re going to be somewhere other than home see what you can find at that location ahead of time.
Networking is something you should put on your list of ways to promote yourself. If done right it will create word-of-mouth advertising, which is the best kind. When you network you build your social skills. Then you can post about going to the event on Facebook and/or tweet about it on Twitter.


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