The Finished Product

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Self-published authors soon realize that there are a lot more jobs to do than write. We write because we enjoy writing and believe we’re good at it. Yet, if we want to make a living at it we have to market the finished product.
In the end, when you’re all set to self-publish your book, take one more look around. Check the cover. Is the image clear and able to attract attention? Are the words easy to read and spelled right?
What about the back cover and the spine? Do they have all the necessary items? Is there a spot for the ISBN barcode, and is it in the right place? What about the story blurb and the about author sections? Are they well written and without mistakes.
As the author, marketing the finished product falls to you. To some marketing is something shady and to be avoided. You, as an author are soon to discover if you haven’t already, to sell books you need to market them. Marketing does not mean resorting to underhanded tactics. It means you need to get the word out, to the right people. There is nothing sleazy or disreputable about it. After all, there are thousands of advertising agencies doing respectable business.

Marketing the Finished Product

There are two methods of marketing the finished product, active and passive. Active ads deliver your message directly to your target audience. Passive is not as effective because it is for a general audience. To have an effective marketing engine you need to use both methods.
All you’re going to do is tell people about your book. What is so bad about that? What’s good about it is that with the right message, to the right people, your book will sell. Once it starts selling well you’ll get help. That help is that your book gets listed in customers also bought or popularity lists.
If only there was a checklist so you could be sure that you didn’t miss anything. Wait a minute there is just such a checklist as that. Yes, here it is in its entirety for you to use when you reach that day.

Author Checklist

I may have missed an item or two and for this, I apologize. If you can think of something I need to include put it in the comment you post. I hope that the information and the checklist will be of help to you.


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