Building Your Website

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Building your website for a place to send those wishing to become followers. These followers will come and will stay if you engage them. They come to be entertained or informed. They stay only if they are.

Your website doesn’t need to be but four or five pages. These pages are:

      1. Home
      2. About
      3. Books
      4. Blog
      5. Landing

In building your website the home page is the most important.

This is your first contact and you have 3 seconds to knock their socks off. Here’s where you introduce your new book. You tell them the story, but not too much. Tell them just enough to whet their appetite and wanting more.

Share your progress with them to get them excited about your upcoming release. You want them to stay on your site, but more importantly you want them to come back again and again.

Everything about your site should tell them something about you or your book.

The about page should rank second on pages visited. If they are engaged they;’ll want to know more about you. Here’s your chance to really sell yourself. That, according to authors is a very hard thing to do.

Your books page should contain every book you’ve written. It may be only the one you’re writing, but what about the books you intend to write? Is this book the first in a series?

Building Your Website To Attract FollowersHaving a blog for an author is a must. this is where you can shine by sharing your gift for writing with you public. Telling stories is what you do if you’re a fiction writer. Tell them stories and invite people to read them.

The landing page is optional. It is a stand alone page with one link and a sign-up form. The link works once the form is filled out with the required data, usually their name and email address.

The top image is my author’s website. It’s very simple and straight forward, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. I created it using an HTML template that I modified to my wants and needs. I enjoy building websites and filling them with content. So much so that I’m putting writing on hold.

I offer a free 1-Hour consultation and would love to talk over your wants and needs for your website or any of my other services. My needs are small and so are my prices.

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