Selling Yourself to Get a Following

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Selling yourself to get a following is hard no matter how you slice it. Maybe we should dice it, too. that;s taking it down to its smallest parts and making a meal of it.
When you are new to self publishing you find there are many obstacles to overcome.
Some of these barriers are:
  • Your Website
  • Your Book Cover
  • Your Social Presence
  • Finding Time To Write
I can’t help you with finding time to write, but as for the rest I can help you get the results you want.
Your website can easily be built in an afternoon using WordPress. Soon you’ll ready to start selling yourself to get a following. WordPress is extremely user friendly format. When you have your domain name (preferably “”) and host you’re set to build it.
WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo

Log into your host and go to your cpanel. Look for the WordPress logo and click on it. You’ll be taken to a new page where you should see a blue bar that says install now. Click on it, choose your protocol (select https://), fill out the form with your domain ( Select your domain from the drop down list.

The next part is the blog title and subhead. Then comes the admin section. These you fill in with the information you want it to say. Next comes your username, password and email for notifications. Select the plugins you want (I don’t select any),  and you are ready to install WordPress on your domain. So, click install, already.
WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

The system will notify you when its done. If it fails repeat the process. When it succeeds, which is normal, you’re ready to start building. Select your theme and customize it. Poke around, you’re not changing anything until you publish it.

For your next task of selling yourself to get a following is to create content. Since you’re a writer that shouldn’t be a problem. If nothing else create engaging blog posts regularly. Be sure to use images to illustrate your posts.
Your book cover should be prominently displayed in the sidebar so it’s on every page. Some themes will let you not display the sidebar for individual posts.
Unless you’re a graphic artist like myself i recommend you don’t try to create your own. There are places online to make it for free, and then you can have a cover like everyone else.
Your social presence starts with your blog/website. It is the hub of your author’s profile. It can perform many necessary things like selling yourself to get a following.
I hope this article has been helpful and given you the information you hoped to find. If not all at least some  After all it’s a big subject.

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