Writing Your Book Cover Blurb

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What do you say when you’re writing your book cover blurb and how much does it matter?

Think about the books you’ve read and why you chose them in the first place. A friend or college may have recommended some. Others you had to read for school or work.
The rest of them, the ones you chose, what was it that made you want to read it? If you’re like most you first saw the front cover, read the title and the author. Then you either opened the book to the first page or you turned it over to read the back. You may have even decided to buy it with that information alone. Now, years later do you know what it said? I bet not, but you might remember the front cover.
Online or in a Bookstore
The back cover is your second greatest tool for promoting your book. The first is the front cover. It doesn’t matter if the person is in a bookstore or on a computer the first thing they see is your front cover. If they like it they’ll turn it over to read the back.
There only so much space, less than 200 words choose them with care. They may well be the most important words you write for your book. The words need to convey the genre, the story premise and some story details. Don’t give them too much to begin with or you’ll spoil it.

Solving writing your book cover blurb problem

Your problem is how to go about writing your book cover blurb. Tell them the premise of the story and the main characters names. Briefly tell them the conflict and what the hero has to do to overcome it. Use imagery to drive your point. Help them to put themselves in the thick of the action.
Before you start you’ll want to do some research. Look at what successful author’s in your genre are doing. See how much or how little they tell you and yet draw you in. Then look at who your target audience is. They are the ones you have to sell, but don’t try to sell to them. Rather, invite them into your world. Make them a follower by choice.

Other things to consider when writing your book cover blog

Make sure to have a professional headshots taken for the back. It should show your face and have nothing else. No pets or kids with a plain background. You are also going use it on your website.
Include a bio remembering all the while that this is about them and what they want to get out of reading your book. This bio should be very brief for either fiction or non-fiction. For non-fiction the blurb should establish you as an expert on the subject.
If you can get endorsement or review statements by all means do so. These are gems if done right. They should be short, powerful sentences that make your book sound fantastic. In the case of endorsements it should be a well known person in the fiction genre or non-fiction field.
You are not the focus when writing your book cover blurb. Focus instead on why your readers are interested in what you have to say. For non-fiction you have to gain their trust. Fiction or non-fiction it’s about what your reader’s need. What is their motivation for looking?
The Back Cover is Very Important

Engage them or you will lose them.

Avoid cliches like the plague. Make what you write unique. Write with confidence but with humility. Everyone knows that they’re reading an ad written by you to sell your book. It’s not a secret, don’t try to make it one. You’ll only end up looking stupid.
Any copywriter will tell you to sell them on the benefits. Look at what your book is offering them. If its hours of reading entertainment, that’s the benefit. If it’s to educate, that the benefit. Go with your strengths and learn how your target audience speaks. In this way you gain trust by speaking their language.
You are going to get one chance to sell your book to someone. If they don’t buy it then they probably won’t buy it ever. I learned a long time ago that the be-back bus has four flat tires. I urge you when writing your book cover blurb that you give it the proper time and attention it deserves. It will pay you back with sales.

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