Building Your Website

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Building your website for a place to send those wishing to become followers. These followers will come and will stay if you engage them. They come to be entertained or informed. They stay only if they are. Your website doesn’t need to be but four or five pages. These pages are: Home About Books Blog […]

Your First Impression

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Networking is a great way to increase business and it can be fun if you make it so. Making your first impression can be rehearsed to some degree. It’s good to have something ready to say when you greet someone. Don’t let it sound rehearsed though, or you’ll come off looking like a phony. Your […]

The World of Self Publishing

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I don’t know why you decided to write a book. I don’t know the inspiration or the desire behind your motivation. It may have been a lifelong dream or you have a story to tell. No matter why you decided to write a book the fact that you’re doing it is commendable. So, I say […]